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Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Processing of Hydrocarbon and Mineral Materials

Dear Colleague,

The General Committee of the European Scientific Society cordially invites You to take part in the international theoretical and practical symposium

„Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Processing of Hydrocarbon and Mineral Materials“.

During the symposium, which will take place on December 09-10 2012 in Hanover, we plan an awarding ceremony of honourable distinctions and titles.

The subject areas of the symposium deal with fundamental problems of recycling of hydrocarbon and mineral materials as well as urgent issues of improvement and development of new technologies and new approaches towards modern production management. We hope that the following objectives of our symposium lie within the area of interest of many large and promising developing industrial companies, research institutes and universities:

Traditionally, great attention is paid to such issues as personnel training and regional and international education programmes.

Main topics of the symposium:

  1. Oil and gas chemistry and processing technology
  2. New materials based on chlororganic materials
  3. Optimization of technological processes
  4. Unsaturated chlororganic compound chemistry and technology
  5. Synthesis of super-pure substances
  6. Compounds for microelectronics
  7. High-molecular compounds
  8. Wood chemistry and technology
  9. Unsaturated heteroatomic compounds – new approaches towards the synthesis
  10. Processing and recycling of chemical waste
  11. Mathematical modelling in chemical technology
  12. Problems of preparation and recycling of natural bitumen
  13. Acetylene and its derivatives
  14. Additives in petrochemistry
  15. Insulating materials
  16. Metal complex compounds
  17. New technologies in the area of catalysis
  18. High-performance synthesis and catalyst testing
  19. Solution of technological problems dealing with the increase in the depth and quality of oil processing
  20. Rational and complex utilization of refinery waste
  21. New synthetic and semi-synthetic oils
  22. Processes and devices of chemical technology
  23. Physicochemical analysis techniques for hydrocarbon materials


Registration Fee inclusive a full participation packet, conference papers, abstracts, visa support if necessary, hotel reservation, all transfers in Hanover, all social events (coffee-breaks, lunches and banquets): 

Post-conference bus tour „Amazing Belgium“ 11.12 - 14.12.2012 – 350 Euro

Plenary Sessions Include:

Cultural Program:




Gottfried Wilhelm
von Leibniz