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“The future of the blockchain ecosystem: can blockchain keep the promise of democratizing financial world?”

Date: 18th of January 2019
Venue: Hotel Amadeus****
Röntgenstraße 5, 60388 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Participation costs: 400 Euro including coffee, lunch and farewell wine

Why to attend: the seminar will help you to understand blockchain ecosystem in its current state and help answering the question: can blockchain keep the promise of democratizing financial world and revolutionize our future? We will examine different practical applications of blockchain, among them: cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO) as a financial innovation for global fund raising.

Introduction: If you want to understand or deepen your knowledge on blockchain technology, blockchain start-ups and its regulatory frame, you are welcome to attend our seminar. General topics will be:

We will examine this highly interesting topic from the theoretical perspective, as well from the legal and practical point of view, so that our participants will have an all-round knowledge on blockchain and its practical role and will know how start-ups can be established and raise their funds. Every participant will receive a participation certificate.

Relevance: Like the invention of the internet revolutionized communication technologies few decades ago, blockchain could lead to a revolution of the internet itself creating fully new business models which will have the potential to bring companies behind them to the highest levels of profitability. Understanding blockchain is not only trendy but it will give you a huge advantage in the market either as an employee or entrepreneur.

In the previous year’s blockchain technology was highly associated with cryptocurrencies. Hundreds of them emerged, bitcoin as the oldest crypto coin achieved a market capitalization of several billion dollars on the top. But while prices of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets have fallen from their peaks of 2017, equity investment into blockchain start-ups are hitting all-time highs this year. Potential applications of the blockchain (also called distributed ledger technology) are so diverse that the chances for at least some of them becoming widely adopted in the near future are very high.

To finance emerging blockchain firms “initial coin offerings” (ICO) were invented which are in fact a financial innovation and have the potential to simplify fund raising on a global scale. Between January and May 2018 333 ICOs took place worldwide and attracted more than 7 Billion USD funds. ICO becomes a usual way of collecting money in the innovative Fintech world as it is much more convenient as the standard ways of capital raising. Start-ups like Elastos or Envion were able to collect tens of millions of dollars for their concepts. But how are ICOs regulated? How safe is this form of money raising and how is the risk shared between the investors and firms. Our seminar will examine the process of money raising through ICOs and answer all relevant questions around this phenomena.

Target Group: We are glad to welcome anyone interested in the blockchain technology and its developments. We welcome IT-specialists, business analysts, entrepreneurs planning or realizing blockchain projects, business owners and testers working within this fantastic sector, representatives of universities are cordially invited.

Program of the seminar

9.00 Greetings

9.15 General principles and application of the blockchain technology: where are we now?

10.30 Coffee break

10.45 Future of cryptocurrencies: are stable coins a solution of extreme volatility?

12.00 “Initial coin offerings” (ICO) as innovative way of financing for Start-up firms: problems, regulation and legal framework

13.15 Lunch break

14.15 The rise of blockchain based companies and tokenization of assets: where will be the next Silicon Valley?

15.30 Coffee break

15.45 How will blockchain technology disrupt financial institutions and change the wold?

16.45 Closing buffet



Gottfried Wilhelm
von Leibniz